Special Initiative Police Station

In modern world peace, security and the sense of security are the components to measure the scale of prosperity in any nation. In order to make the environment of our city safer, Chakwal police has taken the initiative to set up a IGP's New Special Initiative Police Station, City Chakwal to change the typical police culture. This police station will differ from any other ordinary police station with regard to its performance and shall play an active role to redress the grievances of the people. The building of this police station has been designed with special arrangements for the process of investigation and police operations. The environment of police station will be improved through this model police station and there will also be a considerable change in the professional performance of police which will help establish safe and peaceful society.

IT Initiatives / Softwares

Our world has now turned into a global village and this phenomenon is only due to the age of information technology. Keeping in view the new international trends in policing, Punjab Police has taken a step further in organizing police structure and its effectiveness through Computer Softwares, its related updates, record of criminals (POs etc.), daily crime bulletin, data of vehicle theft/snatching & entries of all registers at P.S. etc. It, therefore, ensures effective Automation of Police Stations’ (PS) record and office management system of various Police Branches. In short, due to this system (PROMIS), Chakwal Police is fulfilling all the international standards of a police organization.

PSRMS (Police Station Record Management System) is working in computeriezed FIRs and its related record of all types of 25 registers and working all types of online crime diaries and RPO's Conferences etc

CRMIS (Crime Record Management Information System)

In order to put more effectiveness in the work of police organization, Chakwal Police is moving towards the digital world to control crimes and criminals by incorporating systems like CRMIS. Criminal Records Management Information System (CRMIS) would manage the criminal records of the Police with greater ease and flexibility. The system is designed to efficiently cover all the requirements and functionalities expected in order to document the criminal records. Chakwal Police has recorded 5000 criminals’ data in CRMIS with their finger prints and pictures. The adoption of this system would be very valuable to the Police. This criminal record system shall be available online to give official access to other districts thus further facilitating them to fight against crimes.