Rescue 15




For Police Help Dial 15

Ph. NOs. of Rescue 15 Chakwal is (15) and 0543-660381
Rescue 15 will provide following facilities with the co-operation of other Government,
Non-Government organ Remove Divizations & local community.

Emergency Help

The center will cater for all types of emergencies. Apart from one ready to move pickup squad at the center, armed response units (Motor cycle squads) would be deployed at different Rescue spots, and they would move to the scene of crime at the shortest possible time

Vehicle Verification

In order to save innocent buyers from being tricked into buying stolen vehicle , our computer database and experts would verify the status of the vehicle one intends to buy to insured that the vehicle is not suspect ONE. Vehicle can be verified from our compute record. There is record of more than 2,000,000 vehicles in database.

Child Lost/ Found Center

The rescue 15 will coordinate with the respective Government department and NGOs on missing people and children lost /found. Health/ Ambulance Police ambulance would be available for emergence medical help only for one call. in case of medical emergency, the Rescue 15 will coordinate and help in arranging ambulance service, for shifting the patient to hospitals.


Advice regarding personal security of premises can be obtained from the center which can also assist in provision of safety gadgets from reputed firms.

Training in Citizenship

This section will offer training in first aid, how to avoid accidents, how to avoid opportunist crime, awareness on traffic rules and regulations, awareness about the hazard of fireworks and kite flying and verification of antecedent of domestic service.

Fire and Other Civic Emergencies

A fire brigade vehicle shall be available to combat incident of fire; similarly it will have a close liaison with civil Defiance /bomb disposal squad to tackle any kind of civic emergency.

Blood Collection

Availability of blood will also be made with the help of Red crescent society,& different welfare organizations and blood bank at District Head quarter Hospital. A blood donor's directory would also be available.

Control Room Close Circuit Cameras

Another initiative of Chakwal Police is the introduction of CC Cameras in the city area. These Cameras would be installed in busy business centers and banks. This will serve the dual purpose of crime prevention and deterrence to the acts of terrorism.