Chakwal Police

Chakwal police has a new outfit - ACLC, which has been created with the help of experts. This outfit will be working with the police stations to detect and impound the stolen/ tampered vehicles plying. Now a trained staff is available at Rescue-15 office where they provide a free of cost check-up of vehicles. Citizens can check their vehicles whether they are stolen/ tampered or genuine.

Chakwal Police Vehicle Checking

Chakwal police has launched vehicle checking system through cell phone by using ufone sim. In this regard following commands are made to collect information. Special ufone sims has produced with the coordination of ufone. These sims have distributed to all SHO, IOs, any entry exit point of District Chakwal. 
By using this system many stolen vehicles have been recovered.

Modus Operandi for Vehicle Checking Through Mobile

*15*1*1# (Vehicle Registration)
*15*2*1# (Snatched Vehicles)
*15*3*1# (Criminal ID) 
*15*2*2# (Engine No. of Snatched Vehicle)
 *15*2*3# (Chassis No. of Snatched Vehicle)